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My mother made most of the clothing my sister and I wore as kids.She kept all the scraps and later made them into quilts which we treasure.Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel is desired.A computer with internet access, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel is necessary.Special events duties include working with the Advisory Board to present fun and learning opportunities that meet the needs of chapter members; developing preliminary plans for an event and recomm I am originally from Portland.My husband and I have lived in Corvallis for 41 years and in our present home for 36 years.The duties of the President include: preside over all meetings of the Advisory Board and of the membership; initiate and supervise, with the assistance of the Advisory Board, the planning of programs and projects and the implementation thereof; prepare, with the assistance of the Treasurer, the chapter's annual budget for approval by the advisory board; act as liaison between chapter members and National Guild Headquarters; and review the newsletter prior to publication.The chapter President assumes overall responsibility for all chapter finances and operatio I grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon.

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That same husband has now bought several more and built me a sewing cave in our attic.I've graduated from the dear old treadle to various mechanical and electronic machines to a super-duper electronic embroidery machine.My mother and grandmother would both be amazed and thrilled at the advances in home sewing.I was horrified and sure that mistake would end any further sewing I'd ever do, but Grandma insisted I take it apart and sew it together correctly.That happened over 65 years ago and I've been sewing ever since, having both fails and successes, making everything from children's and adult clothing to home dec to upholstering and anything in between.

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