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From that place to the city of the people called Auxumites there is a five days’ journey more; to that place all the ivory is brought from the country beyond the Nile through the district called Cyeneum, and thence to Adulis.

Practically the whole number of elephants and rhinoceros that are killed live in the places inland, although at rare intervals they are hunted on the seacoast even near Adulis.

Its artifacts may not be as ubiquitous as some other historical places.

The question that has not been investigated and looked at seriously is this: was Adulis the epicenter of a kingdom that was NOT a part of the Axumite kingdom?Before the harbor of that market-town, out at sea on the right hand, there lie a great many little sandy islands called Alalaei, yielding tortoise-shell, which is brought to market there by the Fish-Eaters“.“And about eight hundred stadia beyond there is another very deep bay, with a great mound of sand piled up at the right of the entrance; at the bottom of which the opsian stone is found, and this is the only place where it is produced. Through this very account one can see that Zoscales was a ruler/king of Adulis and other lands.Before the harbor lies the so-called Mountain Island, about two hundred stadia seaward from the very head of the bay, with the shores of the mainland close to it on both sides.Ships bound for this port now anchor here because of attacks from the land.

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