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The entertainment programs were managed by a very smart young lady in her early thirties.

Through out the days of Puja, she was highly visible running around and arranging events. She was married to the very high profile communist leader from Madras, Mr Mohan Kumaramangalam. She was a girl from Jessore who was a member of a study circle run by my Ma in our house.

Lasco Money has been associated with the SDC T20 Competition for the last decade and Marketing Manager Danielle Harris-Drysdale says they plan to continue their association for a long time to come.

“For the past 10 years, LASCO Money has batted for the natural sporting talent of the over 5,000 players islandwide; we have been bowled over by the many opportunities presented to our cricketers to represent at the regional level, and we have cheered for the restaurants, bars, hotels, sports shops, corner shops and supermarkets that have benefited directly and indirectly from the matches.

If they can score a six and hit our inflatable Wray & Nephew bottle they get ,000, and if any of the spectators take a catch they also win cash prizes as well,” she said.

He was a very active man and he gave us, the young Bong group from the Air Force a hearty welcome when we visited the Puja.

Like everywhere else, the four evenings during the days of Puja were filled with songs and dances, theatre and poetical recitations, and of course other traditional items like the ‘Dhunuchi Dance’ and small games for little children.

Our tag is, share our spirit, and when we look on how the communities come out to support the teams we try to ensure that the spectators get an experience, so we enjoy the sixes and the fours and we have our 'run carts'.

“The spectators can participate as well: thunder sticks and horns to make the noise.

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