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I have so many perfumes, some rather expensive that I should be using more, but I always come back to Tabu as my favorite.

Crushes come and go but true love lasts forever right?

Make room in your schedule for special times, take advantage of the routines you already share, and show that you care.

Having fun online is something that many people enjoy doing.

Before searching for a vintage bottle on e Bay, I’ve found a gorgeous gift set on amazon, including - 75ml Eau De Cologne Spray - 75ml Perfumed Body Lotion - 75ml Perfumed Body Wash - 50g Dusting Powder - Refillable Purse Spray with incredibly low price, so why not.

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The big, clunky violin shaped bottle that I got for less than a tenner didn't do a lot to convince me otherwise.

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I used to say Poison Esprit de Parfum was "my Shalimar" but actually Tabu is it.

I'll put my hand up and admit I always considered Tabu to be dated, and more than a little cheap.

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