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HOW2TXTHER is an in-depth, award-winning training program on texting women that was created by top-level dating coach Christian Hudson.

It’s made up of 12 Chapters which include just under 4 hours worth of webinar video footage, lots of very useful written content, and Chapter Quizzes at the end of each segment.

Chapter 3 – The High Demand Man: With this video, Christian discusses the topic of portraying yourself as a high demand man over text, and explains how a woman’s interaction with you will be much different depending on whether she sees you as a high demand man, or a low demand man.He then goes on to give a few examples of first texts that he’s personally sent to women, which resulted in some great success for him.Chapter 9 – Asking Her Out: With this video, Christian goes more in-depth into one of the key goals mentioned in Chapter 1, which is to always have the objective of using your texts to get her out on a date.Chapter 1 – The Most Important Stuff: With this video, Christian goes over 3 of the main goals of text messaging, which are to always have the objectives of getting her out on a date in the back of your mind, getting her to invest in you, and getting her to feel familiarity and comfort with you.He then goes on to mention that another goal is to use a psychological concept called “Pavlovian Conditioning” to make it so that when she sees she’s received a new text message, she becomes filled with excitement, hoping that the new text is from you.

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