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This means you get to box up all your so-called failures as if they never happened. Perhaps it’s because I don’t believe in what I look at. Even so, I’ll play along…the embarrassment of failure is way easier than the responsibility that comes with success. Technically speaking, any outcome that didn’t occur the way you thought it would means you had faulty expectations. We only grow as a society when people choose to be different.

Unfortunately, this means you box up your successes too. Faulty expectations arise for two reasons—you can’t see the future and you developed those expectations without all the necessary information. You’ll never grow as a person without doing the same.

I assure you right beneath the surface of these life lessons is insight that will help you advance your career. 3) “Five-year” plans have ruined more present moments than all other distractions combined. but, trust me, everything you want is on the other side of fear. You’re better off making those errors of commission rather than omission. Promotions don’t happen because of one big success. Smart work increases the likelihood of good results. At any moment, don’t be afraid to change your career. The word “fault” could be eliminated from the dictionary. 17) Keep everyone’s phone number—even the people you dislike. If given the choice between knowing the right person or having your MBA, remember that friends hire friends before they hire credentials. I assure you someday they will be working at company you’re trying to get into. Everything that happens in your personal and work life caused you to do certain things—for good reason. If you’re not happy with the pattern, there are two things to consider. The degree to which something is right for you usually is inversely proportional to the number of people who tell you it’s not.

You’ll notice that while many items fall into categories of time, accountability, effort, and people, most are related to outlook and attitude—the two things that seem to transform everything. You’ll be far better off with fifteen-minute plans. You’ll be happier and it’s a nice stepping stone for your future. The faster you learn this, the more happy days you’ll live and the more productive your workdays will become. When you look back, you’ll be much sorrier for the things you didn’t do as opposed to those you did. Concentrate on what you do along the way and embrace the journey with no attachment to the outcome. You only need three things to be successful—Passion, Vision, and Commitment. It’s making the future happen the way you want it to. 12) You can have endless dreams, but not endless priorities. You know you have one when you can ethically place the letters after your name such as Andy La Civita B. If you have to pay for someone to teach you something—anything—that’s not education. That’d make me smile because then no one would be trying to assign it when they should first look in the mirror. It’s also possible that someday you’ll be reporting to one of them. You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with—especially at work. Even if you did nothing I previously mentioned, staying true to your instinct and keeping a positive outlook and attitude will set you in the right direction… It will lead you to valuable deductions such as The More Things You Have In Your Life = The More Upkeep = More Stress AND Just Enough To Make You Happy Never Satisfied = More Days You’ll Live Happily. It’s correct far more times than the external voices you hear. If it sounds good, but feels bad, it likely is bad too. It’s also easier to believe a lie you’ve heard a thousand times than the truth you’ve heard once.

Different variables lead to different outcomes—better and worse. Over the long run, however, the universe is incredibly balanced. I’m driving down a highway and see the big green town road sign on the right as I zip past. Check out this free offer for The Ultimate 22-Year-Old’s Survival Guide for Work & Life!

Are we just making it harder on ourselves by refusing to consider potential partners who are outside our age limits?

Men often pursue younger women, even if they aren’t interested in a family. Men certainly have a shorter average lifespan than women, but this doesn’t tell you anything about a particular guy.

The typical reason being, “that’s who I’m more attracted to.” But again, the “sex appeal boundary” gets pushed out further and further as women in their 50’s and 60’s find themselves as public sex symbols. Is it wise for a woman of 55 to consider a relationship with a man who is 65 or 70?

Or are the cultural similarities that occur between people of similar ages important enough to be deal-breakers?

Of course, if having children is in your plans and you’re a man, the age of your partner matters.

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