18 and 15 dating

But if these teens are having sex, and you live in a state where prosecutors aggressively enforce the law, it’s possible that your son could be charged with statutory rape.Take, for example, the widely publicized case of Marcus Dwayne Dixon, an 18-year-old high school honor student and star football player who had sex with a 15-year-old female classmate.Whether you agree with this outcome or not, the fact remains that statutory rape is considered a serious crime, enforceable to the full extent of the law in many states – and can change the course of a teenager’s life forever.A Hot Topic Among Teens The recent discovery that 16-year-old actress Jamie Lynn Spears, the sister of pop star Britney Spears, became pregnant by her 18-year-old boyfriend has again turned consensual sex among teens into a hotly contested issue.In May 2004, the Georgia Supreme Court overturned Dixon’s conviction, stating that he should’ve been prosecuted on the lesser charge of misdemeanor statutory rape, which carries a maximum sentence of one year.He walked out of prison on May 3, 2004, at age 19, a free man.Hunt's mother, Kelly Hunt-Smith, can't believe that the other girl's parents did not simply come talk to her, instead of trying to get Hunt labeled as a sex offender, reports To prevent parents from using sex offense laws as a legal cudgel to destroy a disapproved child's relationship, some states, including Florida, have passed so-called "Romeo and Juliet" laws, lessening penalties for consenting minors within a certain age of each other.

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Parents, particularly those with teenage daughters, certainly have cause for concern.

In an interview after his release, Dixon told The Oprah Show, “Freedom is great.

It’s unbelievable that I’m finally home after 14 months.

Under Florida law, engaging in sexual activity with a minor between the ages of 12 and 16 is a felony.

Because the law does not make an exception for consenting minors, Hunt could potentially face up to 10 years in prison if she is convicted, and up to ,000 in fines.

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