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Find out exactly how many weeks you are with our Pregnancy Dating Scan here at our Ultrasound Plus clinics.We measure gestational age from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period to the current date.They will call you and ask you to come in if your risk is moderate or high (more than 1/250 normally).The measurement alone does give you some idea of your risk (i.e.

Had Could not really relax until they said all was fine - basically I have the laziest baby on the planet earth who would NOT move when the sonographer was trying to measure the nuchal fold no matter whether i lay on left side or right and the doc ended up having to jab me quite hard to get it to jump!

you will beable to see all the babys limbs etc sonographer will beable to point out everything is amazing.i got told off for drinking too much so just had one glass of water before my 12 wks scanye trousers and top or skirt and top I rang them in the end and they said full bladder!

I think my hosp policy is combined test - they said they would be taking bloods; my midwife asked whether i would be willing to have the test when i saw her at nine weeks but didnt really explain a lot. Drink alot before hand so you can get a clear picture.

During the scan we will also measure the Crown Rump Length of your baby (CRL) and use these measurements to help determine an accurate gestational age in weeks.

Knowing just how far you are into your pregnancy will be incredibly helpful throughout the process and will help you prepare for the big day.

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